Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy

This framework was helpful to me but I also have some reservations about the implications it raises about the use of technology in the classroom. I think as we integrate technology in the classroom it is necessary to be systematic about it and make sure that the technology lines up with sound educational theories and systematic evaluation.

Technological fluency is increasingly valuable and we need to make sure that the way we are using technology in the classroom fits with our other (research based) educational objectives. To this end it was helpful to see how technology in general and specific tools meshed with Bloom's Taxonomy. On the flip side, it was hard for me to read through and process everything with so many lists, categories and technical terms. The rubrics helped but overall it was easy to get lost within the specialized jargon of Bloom's Taxonomy. I think as I actually get into a classroom and go back and look at things like this it will all make more sense.

As I've commented before in this class, I think technological fluency represents not only an invaluable skill set for students, but provides an interesting hook to get them engaged in the material. Technology is transforming the way we work but also perhaps the way we think and process information. By engaging students with technology we may also be differentiating and accommodating a new learning style.

My reservation is that when reading the Digital Taxonomy (and all the rubrics, etc.) I found myself wondering, "Wait, in incorporating these ideas/tools will I be teaching English or Technology?" I guess I worry that the focus on technology could overshadow the actual content (here I may be contradicting things I've said in other postings, but I am still working out these issues for myself...). As teachers we just need to make sure that we strike a balance and integrate the technology in an authentic way, emphasizing our content objectives first and foremost.


  1. I understand how you get lost with all the technical terms of Bloom's Taxonomy. If I have never seen and analyzed Bloom's Taxonomy, I would feel the same way. Like you stated, I think we will understand this much better when we are teachers and have to put this to use. And as always, our objectives must take priority as we integrate different technology in our classroom.

  2. I hear ya! I think that sometimes "academics" take things that are, in essence "no brainers," and they analyze and deconstruct the heck out of them, and then it makes it confusing and overwhelming. The truth for me at this time, is that technology will flow naturally and organically if teachers allow students to lead the way a little bit. I agree that sometimes these frameworks are good things to look back at after you've had an experience with your students. They can provide you with a point of reference...."oh yes...we did this, but look, we might consider this the next time we do it." :-)